Release notes for Version 1.2

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  • Center for Molecular Neuroscience - A new Vanderbilt Center was added with Dr. Randy Blakely as its director.
  • Mouse strain resource type - A new resource type, allowing for the management of key information describing genetically-modified mouse strains, was implemented.
  • CORES improvements in features and performance - Improvements were made for those members with CORES data that will allow them more flexible queries of the CORES data and speed up the login event.
  • Combined collection profile and resources - Consolidated two views (collection profile and collection resources) into a single view, as a means of simplifying access to resources.
  • Clarification on the use of SSL - Inline documentation was added to clarify the use of SSL for the login event.
  • Improvements to forms and UI - Various improvements were made to forms and user interface elements.
  • Member dashboard overview - Added number of publications and citation of the latest
  • Member mini-dashboard - Added "My Workgroups" and "My Publications". Improved other linkages.
  • Help and Support - The FAQ section was reformulated as a Help and Support area and content has been added.
  • New contribution status for pending contributions of resources - When resources are contributed to a collection, they exist within a pending (private) state until they are submitted to the collection for approval. This affects all resource types.
  • Default affiliations - For new members joining, a default affiliation is required.
  • Member dashboard - Added a publication count as well as the latest full citation.
  • MyVU RSS feed location updated - Updated the feed location since it had moved on the website.
  • Publications management pagination - Within the context of publications management, pre-search views are now paginated.
  • Homepage now includes latest contributions - The latest contributed resources are now displayed on the homepage.
  • Release information - this page you are reading was added as a means of keeping our users aware of changes.