Release notes for Version 1.0

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Initial public release, including the following features:

  • Sharing Arc - The combination of members, communities, collections, and resources was implemented.
  • Member context - Management and display of profiles, publications, affiliations, and contact information.
  • Community context - Management and display of formal communities (those that fall within the VUMC hierarchy), members, publications, collections, and contact information.
  • Collection context - Management and display of collections, including subscriptions and publications.
  • Resources- A descriptor of information that is defined by two major types, each with selectable categories:
    Document - Page Document - Service Document- Protocol Vector - Plasmid Vector - BAC
  • Affiliations - The stored relationship between a member and a community, including a defined role as 1) Chief, 2) Leader or 3) Member.
  • Subscriptions - The stored relationship between a collection and a community. Per collection, more than one subscription can exist, permitting the exchange of collections to more than one community.
  • Contributions - The stored relationship between a resource and the collection it is added to.
  • User-to-User Messaging - The ability to send short (140 character) messages within the system from user to user.
  • System Messaging - When key actions are taken that involve the creation of members, communities and collection, as well as the modification of affiliations, subscriptions and contributions, key messages are generated and displayed in appropriate dashboards.
  • Dashboards - Existing with the member, community and collection contexts, the dashboards allow users to follow what is happening within the system.
  • CORES - Users who have invoice data in the VUMC CORES system will have a read-only view of their last 30 days of orders and invoices.
  • VUNetID - Login authentication depends on the Vanderbilt-wide "VUNetID" authentication system.