A plasmid subclone of MIP1 containing upstream gene sequences and a site at +12.  The Spe I site was introduced by site directed mutagenesis into a clone containing an ~9.2 kb Hind III fragment from MIP1.  After mutagenesis, Spe I digestion was performed and the construct was religated removing an ~700 bp fragment of MIP1 thereby creating pBS.MIP1 (-Spe I).

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Vector Annotations

Vector Map OHrufF85.png
Genbank File pBS.MIP1(-SpeI).gb
Backbone Vector pBluescript KS+
Construct Size 11,260 bp (approximate)
Bacterial Stock No
Storage Temperature -20°C
Stock Concentration 0.1 µg/µL
Addgene Not Provided


Laboratory Mark Magnuson
Made byYuejin Chen
Stock Date December 23, 2008

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