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eTbjEcQQ.jpg?w=99&h=124Alisa Escue,
Administrative Officer
Phone: (615) 322-2397

Alisa Escue is responsible for providing Vanderbilt Diabetes Center/DRTC administrative oversight, preparing budgets, approving expenses, handling personnel matters, and monitoring ledger balances.
She is engaged in all aspects of the Diabetes Center's finances.


EU36FbEq.jpg?w=100&h=121Amber Miller,
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (615) 322-2397

Amber Miller is responsible for ledger reconciliation, pcard review and approval, time sheet processing, equipment inventory, and other duties as needed.


vIwqUYIr.jpg?w=100&h=131Deborah C. Brown,
Program Manager
Phone: (615) 322-7990

Deborah Brown is responsible for managing the various programs, seminars, conferences and special events for the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center/DRTC.


Terri L. Ray,

Sr. Executive Secretary
Phone: (615) 936-7678

Terri Ray is responsible for maintaining the Vanderbilt Diabetes web sites and for direct assistance to the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center/DRTC Director.


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