This C57Bl6/N strain contains floxed exons 1-2, 2-3, or 2-4, depending on the specific isoform of the secreted phophoprotein 1, or Spp1, gene (also known as osteopontin). The animal is intended to study cell-specific roles of osteopntin.

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Mouse Information

Common Name Spp1 Flox
Date Cryopreserved 2021-06-08
Method of Cryopreservation Sperm
Trial IVF % Fertilization 86.00%

Genetic Alteration

Mutation #1: Nuclease-Mediated
Allele Name: secreted phosphoprotein 1; endonuclease mediated mutation 1, Danyvid Olivares-Villagomez
Symbol: Spp1em1
Zygosity at cryopreservation Heterozygous
PCR Genotyping Protocol Genotyping_Protocol_ABO.pdf
Osteopontin and iCD8α Cells Promote Intestinal Intraepithelial Lymphocyte Homeostasis. (2020) J Immunol 204: 1968-1981 (Added 2/28/2020)
PMID: 32102904

Background Strain Information

Strain Type Congenic Strain
Chimera/Founder Genetic Background C57BL/6NHsd
Cryopreservation Strain Background (VCMR) C57BL/6NHsd
Viability and Fertility Data

Heterozygous and homozygous viable and fertile