Over the past three years we have performed sixty-two full service mouse genome editing projects using CRISPR-Cas9. In 84% of these projects, we have achieved the desired gene editing outcome. We can now more accurately predict which projects are likely to be straightforward, and which projects will be challenging.

·      DNA deletions under 10 kb and DNA insertions under 1.5 kb are generally very efficient. These manipulations almost always work, but efficiencies vary by locus and desired edit.

·      Large DNA deletions (10 kb or more), DNA insertions longer than 1.5 kb, and editing of genes with high sequence identity with other genes can be challenging, but often succeed. However, they require more effort to design, screen, and validate.

·      Conditional inversion alleles have uniformly failed.

We are always pleased to share our experience, discuss your ideas, and offer advice on how to both maximize your chances of success and minimize expense.


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