A 7 bp, frame-shifting deletion in exon 1 of the Zfhx4 gene was generated using CRISPR/Cas9.  Cas9+ embryos were obtained by crossing C57Bl6/J-Cas9 expressing mice with C57Bl6/N mice and injected with target-specific gRNAs. Donor males were 75% C57Bl6/J and 25% C57Bl6/N at cryopreservation.

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Mouse Information

Common Name Zfhx4
Research Applications Not provided
MMRRC ID Not provided
Jackson Laboratories Stock No Not provided
Additional Strain Information Not provided

Genetic Alteration

Mutation #1: Nuclease-Mediated
Allele Name: zinc finger homeodomain 4; endonuclease mediated 1, Mark Magnuson
Symbol: Zfhx4em1Mgn
PCR Genotyping Protocol Zfhx4_Genotyping_Protocol.docx
Citations Not provided

Background Strain Information

Strain Type Inbred Strain
Chimera/Founder Genetic Background C57Bl6/J x C57Bl6/N
Current Genetic Background C57BL/6
Number of Generations Backcrossed 1
Strain Description Not provided


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