The Islet Procurement & Analysis Core is supported by the Vanderbilt DRTC to provide access to isolated pancreatic islets from normal and diabetic models.

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Meet our staff:

Marcela Brissova
Core Director
Phone: 615-936-1729
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Anastasia Coldren
Research Assistant
Phone: 615-936-2858
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Wendell Nicholson
Senior Research
Phone: 615-936-1624
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We are located in 8445C MRB 4 (Langford)

To Request a Service:
1) Check out our Price List » 

2) Choose an available date from our calendar below.

3) Fill out a Request Form » and email it to

Anastasia.Coldren@Vanderbilt.Edu along with the date.

Scan Scope Reservations, 8434 MRB 4 (Langford)

*Acknowledgements for Islet Procurement & Analysis Core*
Please remember to acknowledge the Islet Procurement & Analysis Core when submitting publications. The Islet Procurement & Analysis Core is supported by the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (P60 DK020593).


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