This mouse line was generated using both gene targeting and RMCE.  The resulting allele expresses an H2B-Apple fusion protein from the endogenous Ins2 promoter, thereby marking pancreatic beta cells with nuclear-localized red fluorescence.

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Mouse Information

Common Name Ins2.Apple
Date Cryopreserved 2018-12-18
Method of Cryopreservation Sperm
Trial IVF % Fertilization 68.00%

Genetic Alteration

Mutation #1: Targeted Mutagenesis
Allele Name: insulin II; targeted mutation 1.1, Mark A Magnuson
Symbol: Ins2tm1.1Mgn
MGI: MGI:6470716
Zygosity at cryopreservation Heterozygous
PCR Genotyping Protocol Ins2.Apple.hGH_PCR_Protocol.doc
Transgene-associated human growth hormone expression in pancreatic β-cells impairs identification of sex-based gene expression differences. (2019) Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 316: E196-E209 (Added 12/14/2018)
PMID: 30532991

Background Strain Information

Strain Type Congenic Strain
Chimera/Founder Genetic Background 129S6/SvEvTac
Cryopreservation Strain Background (VCMR) C57BL/6J
Viability and Fertility Data

Homozygous litters are viable and fertile.

Backcrossed 9 generations onto C57Bl6/J.


Document Genetic_Validation_20190219_Summary_Report.pdf - Added on March 29, 2019 at 11:31 AM by Jennifer Skelton

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