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DRTC: Vanderbilt DRTC Investigators Master

VUl7Cmb6.jpg?w=150&h=136The investigators in this research area conduct in vivo metabolic studies in mice, rats, dogs, or man that focus on muscle, liver, and fat metabolism. While some studies focus on metabolism related to one organ or tissue type in vivo, this group is increasingly involved in integrative physiology research. For example, some investigators are studying the role of the CNS in peripheral glucose and lipoprotein metabolism while others are using sophisticated in vivo techniques to assess the influence of hormones, substrates, neural input, and other as yet unidentified signals on both organ metabolism (such as liver) as well as integrated whole body metabolism. A consider able amount of this in vivo research, particularly in diabetes and obesity, is being conducted in human subjects on the Vanderbilt General Clinical Research Center (GCRC).