Using CRISPR, the codon encoding Lys21 in Dnpep, exon 2, was modified to encode a stop codon. Additional mutations were introduced to create a BspHI restriction site for genotyping purposes and protect the repaired DNA from sgRNA-mediated cas9 targeting.  

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Mouse Information

Common Name Dnpep
Date Cryopreserved 2018-08-21
Method of Cryopreservation Sperm
Trial IVF % Fertilization 22.58%

Genetic Alteration

Mutation #1: Nuclease-Mediated
Allele Name: aspartyl aminopeptidase; endonuclease mediated mutation 1, Eric Delpire
Symbol: Dnpepem1Dlp
MGI: 6120903
Zygosity at cryopreservation Heterozygote
PCR Genotyping Protocol Dnpep_Genotyping_Protocol.docx
DNPEP is not the only peptidase that produces SPAK fragments in kidney. (2017) Physiol Rep 5: (Added 2/15/2018)
PMID: 29122955

Background Strain Information

Strain Type Recombinant Inbred
Chimera/Founder Genetic Background B6D2
Cryopreservation Strain Background (VCMR) C57BL/6J
Viability and Fertility Data

Number of Generations Backcrossed to C57Bl6/J Background Strain = 8

Normal litter size and fertility


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