Protocols for recovery of cryopreserved mouse embryos or sperm samples.

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IVF CARD Protocol (Preferred Method)ProtocolCARD, in vitro fertilization, Rederivation, IVF15698
IVF ProtocolProtocolin vitro fertilization, IVF15699
Thaw Embryos in StrawsProtocol2-cell, straws, cryopreserved, embryos, cryo straws, thawing15695
Thaw Embryos in VialsProtocolvials, 8-cell, cryopreserved, embryos, cryo vials15694
Thaw Sperm in StrawsProtocolCryo straws, straws, sperm, thawing15697
Thaw Sperm in VialsProtocolsperm, cryo vials, thawing, vials15696
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