Protocols for recovery of cryopreserved mouse embryos or sperm samples.

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Thaw Embryos in VialsProtocolvials, 8-cell, cryopreserved, embryos, cryo vials15694
Thaw Sperm in VialsProtocolsperm, cryo vials, thawing, vials15696
IVF ProtocolProtocolin vitro fertilization, IVF15699
Thaw Sperm in StrawsProtocolCryo straws, straws, sperm, thawing15697
IVF CARD Protocol (Preferred Method)ProtocolCARD, in vitro fertilization, Rederivation, IVF15698
Thaw Embryos in StrawsProtocol2-cell, straws, cryopreserved, embryos, cryo straws, thawing15695
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