Strains submitted to the VCMR will be reviewed by members of the VGER for acceptance.  Only those lines that are fully documented, accurately named, and of substantial practical value to the community will be accepted.

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The mouse strains must meet certain standards to be considered for acceptance into the repository.  These include:

  1. Is the strain valuable to other researchers?  This is determined by the trend and citation numbers by PubMed searches for keywords.
  2. Is the strain unique?  Similar strains may exist at other repositories, but unique background strains may be considered for submission to the VCMR.
  3. Is the strain published and well documented?  Complete documentation and correct nomenclature are required.
  4. Is there sufficient documentation and evidence that the strain functions as desired if the strain is unpublished?  Sound scientific methods must be documented.
  5. The investigator submitting the mouse strain agrees that the line is available for distribution to others.


Conditions a mouse strain may not be included in the repository include:

  1. Lack of uniqueness.
  2. Incomplete or poor documentation.
  3. Lack of detailed genotyping protocol.
  4. Low expectations for future use.
  5. For unpublished lines, lack of sufficient functional validation.