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Type 2 Diabetes Drug Study

The purpose of this study is to achieve glycemic control with a drug intervention in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

To qualify to participate:

  • 18 years to 80 years of age

  • A known history of Type 2 Diabetes receiving diet alone or oral antidiabetic drugs (including insulin secretagogues, pioglitazone, DPP4 inhibitors, or metformin as monotherapy or in combination therapy, or low-dose insulin at <0.5 unit/kg/day)

  • Discharged after hospital admission from general admission from general medicine and surgery services (non-Intensive Care Unit setting)

  • BMI range: > 25 Kg/m^2 and < 45 Kg/m^2


How to Participate

To participate, contact Jonathan Williams at (615) 875-9200 or e-mail at jonathan.m.williams@vanderbilt.edu.