Release notes for Version 2.15 of Labnodes

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VCSCBi: Labnodes Releases Master

We have resolved 23 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.


Introducing the VCMR

The Vanderbilt Cryopreserved Mouse Repository contains genetically-modified mice that have been generated by Vanderbilt investigators and that are available for rederivation and purchase by other investigators.

TMESCSR Redesign

The TMESCSR Landing Page has been re-designed in order to make it easier to find its continuing and new service lines.


New Features & Improvements

  • Improvements were made to the Mouse Strain Resource Type, which should help with creating better connections with external data references.
  • All training documents and videos for Labnodes are now listed on the help page, so that users can easily find them.
  • Within the user dashboard, buttons were added to make it easier to "edit" a user's formal communities.
  • Improvements were made to the MMPC landing page.
  • A laboratory community was created for the Kendall Lab - welcome aboard!
  • Content updates were made to the website of the Center for Matrix Biology.
  • Content updates were made to the website of the CDTR landing page.

Bug Fixes

  • The rich-text editor (TinyMCE) was upgraded and reconfigured, to work with the most recent major Chrome version.
  • Fixed - community manage preferences were not saving
  • Security patching