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The Educational Enrichment Program includes a research-in-progress conference

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PCEN: Educational Enrichment Master

Our Educational Enrichment Program includes a research-in-progress conference. This conference meets bi-weekly with presentations made on a rotating basis by all members of the Pediatric Center, including postdoctoral fellows and investigators of Projects, Cores and Pilot and Feasibility Projects. This format allows for productive guidance and discussion and feedback on the proposed and ongoing research, of great value to the presenter, in addition to an educational benefit for the audience.

Dr. Allison Eddy, one of the Project Leaders in this Center, is based at University of Washington, Seattle, and participates in this conference on a yearly basis in conjunction with our annual retreat and mini-symposium. 

Our Administrative Assistant organizes the schedule. Notice of the conference, detailing the speaker and topic, is distributed by our administrative assistant not only to Center members but also to the pathology and nephrology community at large at Vanderbilt, and will be posted on the Vanderbilt Kidney Diseases Centers Web site, allowing for participation from interested members of the scientific community outside the Center.