Limited support for travel for Center affiliated junior faculty and post-doctoral fellows.

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PCEN: Educational Enrichment Master

The Administrative Core will oversee allocation of limited support for travel for Center affiliated junior faculty and post-doctoral fellows to attend meetings/workshops to optimize learning and scientific progress.  Due to post-award cuts for the previous funding cycle, this planned element could not be implemented in the past years. 

An RFA for applications will be posted electronically to the faculty at the University of Washington and Vanderbilt University, and also posted on our Vanderbilt Kidney Disease Centers joint web site with Adult Nephrology O’Brien Center. Application for these limited funds (one travel award of $1,000 yearly) will be made to the Internal Executive Committee and forwarded to the External Advisory Committee, with a priority on those applications that will bring new laboratory techniques and develop new collaborations that will benefit all investigators of the Center. 

Eligible members will be junior faculty and post-doctoral fellows associated with any of the Projects or Pilot and Feasibility projects of this center.  These funds also may be used for visits for postdoctoral fellows to other institutions and laboratories or mini-workshops or conferences to learn specific procedures and enrich their educational experience. These travel projects will have the added benefit that the supported investigator may then share this new knowledge with the group at our bi-weekly research conference.