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Research achievement was recognized during Vanderbilt Diabetes Day »

Among those honored were (beginning second from left) Bryan Gitschlag, Danielle Dean, Ph.D., Ian Williams, Caroline Presley, M.D., and Suzanne Starr.
Flanking award winners are Tom Elasy, M.D., M.P.H., (left) and Alvin Powers, M.D..

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Diabetes Scholars Award Winners

Vanderbilt Scholar in Diabetes Graduate Student Award 
Bryan L. Gitschlag »
“Metabolic Perturbations can Regulate Mutant Mitochondrial Genome Dynamics”

Vanderbilt Scholar in Diabetes Graduate Student Award
Ian M. Williams »
“Characterization of Trans-endothelial Insulin Efflux in Skeletal Muscle
Capillaries with Intravital Microscopy”

Oscar B. Crofford Scholar in Diabetes, Postdoctoral Fellow Award, M.D. 
Caroline A. Presley, M.D. »
“Evaluation of Patient Frailty as an Unmeasured Confounder in Observational Studies
of Antidiabetic Medications”

Daryl K. Granner Scholar in Diabetes, Postdoctoral Fellow Award, Ph.D. 
Danielle Dean, Ph.D. »
“A Hepatic-islet Alpha Cell Axis”

Robert K. Hall Service Award 
Suzanne Starr »

Awarded Yearly to an outstanding staff member of the Vanderbilt Diabetes Diabetes Research and Training Center in memory of Rob Hall, Ph.D., a beloved member who died tragically in 2008.


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