The Vanderbilt Cryopreserved Mouse Repository (VCMR) contains a unique collection of genetically-modified mice that available for rederivation.  All lines have been either generated or modified by Vanderbilt investigators, and are not available in any other repository.

Investigators interested in donating a strain to the VCMR should complete the VCMR strain information and release form and return it to

The following factors are considered prior to accepting strains into the VCMR. 

  • Is the strain of potential value to other researchers?
  • If the strain is available elsewhere, has it been modified by changing the genetic background to through intercrossing with other alleles?
  • Has the strain been published? 
  • If the strain is unpublished, is there sufficient documentation and evidence that it functions as desired?

Benefits of the Vanderbilt Cryopreserved Mouse Repository:

  • Facilitates compliance with NIH sharing policy
  • Serves as an online resource of cryopreserved germplasm at Vanderbilt
  • May avoid importing mice from an outside repository

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The following links provide detailed information for each available strain.  Strains can be requested by clicking on "Request this Mouse Strain" on each strain-specific page.  Re-derivation or shipping fees must be paid by the requesting investigator. Every effort possible is made to gather data in completeness.


Resource  Type Keywords ID
129.Cg-Grem2tm1Akh/VuMouse StrainPRDC, Grem2, Knockout16920
129S1; Myo1atm1Mtys/VuMouse StrainMyosin 1A, Mtys, knockout16868
129S6.Cg-Gcktm2Mgn/VuMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, gckK414E, MODY, Mgn511
129S6.Cg-Gcktm3Mgn/VuMouse Strainglucokinase, Gck, PHHI, gckA456V, Mgn510
129S6.Cg-Ptger2tm1Brey/VuMouse StrainBrey, Ptger2, EP2 null, Prostaglandin E16469
129S6-Scn5atm3(SCN5A*)Rdn/VuMouse StrainScn5a, Rdn, D1275N, RMCE16981
129S6-Scn5atm4(SCN5A)Rdn/VuMouse StrainSCN5A, Flag Tag, Rdn, RMCE16982
129S6-Scn5atm(R222Q)Rdn/VuMouse StrainR222Q, Scn5a, Rdn, RMCE16983
B10.129S6-Tsc2tm1.1Kcess/VuMouse StrainTuberin, Tsc2, Kcess, tuberous sclerosis complex16849
B6.129S6-Gcgtm1(cre/ERT2)Cshi/VuMouse StrainCreERT2, Dre recombinase, glucagon16489
B6.129S6-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1.1(R26-60-DR5-TA-Cerulean)Mgn/VuMouse StrainRosa26R26-60-DR5-TA-Cerulean, Mgn, Rosa26, RMCE, Cerulean520
B6.129S6-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1.2(R26-228-DR5-TA-Cerulean)Mgn/VuMouse StrainRosa26R26-228-DR5-TA-Cerulean, Rosa26, RMCE, Cerulean, Mgn521
B6.129S6-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1(Pdx1.YFP)Mgn/VuMouse StrainYFP, TetO, Rosa26, Pdx1, Mgn2635
B6.129S6-Ins2tm1.1Mgn/VuMouse StrainInsulin 2, Mgn, Apple, Ins2, hGH, Targeted Mutation16171
B6.129S6-Pdx1CreMgn/VuMouse StrainCre, Pdx1, Mgn13022
B6;129S6-Pdx1tm1.1Cvw/VuMouse StrainPdx1deltaII, RMCE, Pdx1, Cvw13006
B6;129S6-Ptf1atdTomatoMgn/VuMouse StrainPtf1atdTomato, Mgn, fluorescent protein, tdTomato12969
B6;129S6-Ptf1atm3Cvw/VuMouse StrainPtf1alox, Ptf1a, Cvw, loxP site5522
B6.129S6-Ptger2tm1Brey/VuMouse StrainBrey, EP2 null, Ptger2, Prostaglandins E16468
B6.129S6-Ptger4tm1.1Matb/VuMouse StrainPtger4, prostaglandin E2, PGE2 PE4, Brey, Matb16465
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