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Rederivation of embryos or sperm from non approved vendors require completion of a Research Animal Transfer System (RATS) request for approval.

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To start an incoming shipment from a non-approved vendor for either embryos or sperm you will need to log in to the DAC website and submit a new online request through our new Research Animal Transfer System (RATS).  This will ensure we receive all the necessary information and enable users to follow the progress of the request closely from initiation to approval to shipment to the VGER.  RATS also allows us to process your request more quickly and with fewer errors.  Please note all requested fields are required prior to submission.


1. Log onto the DAC website:  https://www.vumc.org/acup/

2. Click the Forms and Tools Tab.

3. Under the “External Animal Transfers” section, Click “RATS (Research Animal Transfer System)”.  For users new to the process you may click on the “RATS Quick Start Guide” for assistance.

4. “RATS” will redirect you to the online submission process, complete the form, and then submit.

  • Please note in the special needs section indicating either sperm or embryos.

5. After this is submitted, the DAC Shipping Coordinator will start the process for incoming shipments.

  • Remember to log into RATS periodically to check the progress of your request.
  • Currently, RATS is only available for incoming shipments.


For MTA’s, please contact the Office of Technology Transfers at 615-936-7585.



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How to procure rodents from a non-commerical vendor or to relocate a rodent colony.