Release notes for Version 2.9.1 of Labnodes

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We have resolved 20 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.


DRTC Landing Page

The DRTC landing page has a brand new look and feel, including links to all the DRTC supported core facilities, research headlines and seminars.  The new scrolling banner includes snapshots from the laboratory, special events and featured members of the DRTC. 

DDRC Survey

The Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center (DDRC) has partnered with Creative Data Solutions again to launch their second citation survey.  The survey data will fulfill requirements for the upcoming DDRC competing grant renewal and the publications will be added to faculty Labnodes profiles.



A new connections sidemenu option is now available for communities who may prefer to hide keywords and/or MeSH Terms from their profile, while still allowing their users to access this data and its connectivity to other entities. This feature may be found via the Community Preferences.


New Communities

New Features and Other Improvements

  • Increased the login session time - We have increased how long a user is logged in for to about 6 hours, before being automatically logged out.
  • Revised Labnodes marketing brochures - We have updated our descriptive brochures to better reflect community-specific features (lab, core, centers & departments).
  • Added a new field for storing funding source information - Community profiles now have a new field that can be used to acknowledge funding source(s), as free text.
  • Revised the MMPC Landing Page - The MMPC landing page banner has been updated.
  • CDTR Instrument and Educational Tools - We have made clarifications to the form-download language, making it easier for users to download instruments.