Release notes for Version 2.9 of Labnodes

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We have resolved 35 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.


OOR Citation Survey


Labnodes will launch its third citation for the Office of Research on February 1st.  In compliance with the National Institutes of Health, Labnodes is collecting data regarding S10 Shared Instrumentation Grant Awards received in the last five years.  The VUMC Office of Research will provide the data to NIH on behalf of Vanderbilt University. 

New Features and Other Improvements

  • Hide the publications display - A preference has been added for toggling the display of member and community profile publications.
  • Landing page updates - We have made updates to the CDS, CDTR, DRTC, MMPCTMESCR and VCSCB landing pages.
  • Member profile updates - We have added a field for your institution.
  • Last log in date and time - We have improved the last login date/time display.
  • Training documents - We have added a training document on how to insert images into a document and updated other educational materials.
  • FAQ updates - We have expanded and improved our FAQ page.
  • Send a message - We have improved the language in the message content pop up window.

 Other activities

  • New lab community - Labnodes welcomes the Bader Lab.
  • DDRC citation survey - We will launch our second citation survey for the Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center in March.
  • Member profile completeness email - We have sent you a personalized list of ways you may enhance your member profile.
  • DRTC Cores as sub-communities - We continue to work with the DRTC on adding communities for all of the Diabetes Research Training Center's supported cores to Labnodes.  These will be listed as sub-communities of the DRTC in the very near future.
  • MyVUMC Articles
    • We published an article about the Labnodes version 2.8 release.
    • Look for upcoming articles in upcoming issues regarding other Labnodes activities