Release notes for Version 2.8 of Labnodes

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We have resolved 46 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.


Welcome to CDTR


The Center for Diabetes Translational Research (CDTR) has migrated its website to Labnodes. Immediate benefits to the CDTR and its members include a custom landing page, integrated faculty profiles, improved communication about CDTR services, reduced administrative cost and increased search engine exposure.

DDRC Survey


The Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center (DDRC) has partnered with Creative Data Solutions to launch their first citation survey.  The survey data will fulfill requirements for the upcoming DDRC competing grant renewal and the publications will be added to faculty Labnodes profiles.

Profile Publications


Members may now choose whether to display or hide the publication graph on their member profile page and on community profile pages where the user is an owner or leader of that community.  This feature may be found via the Actions/Preferences menu option.

New Features and Other Improvements

  • MMPC landing page - Information regarding the 12th Annual Glucose Clamping the Conscious Mouse: A Laboratory Course has been updated, along with improvements to the navigation tabs.
  • VCSCB landing page - The landing page has been updated to reflect an updated faculty list, inclusion of its newest core facility, Creative Data Solutions, as well as visual improvements.
  • TMESCSR landing page - Updates have been made to reflect service revisions.
  • DRTC landing page - Banner image captions have been updated.
  • Global search - The global search feature now includes searching within the content box of viewable resources.
  • Image uploads - The ratio of uploaded images is now preserved within the scope of resource content management.
  • Vanderbilt publication database - Improvements have been made to the main publication page that provide additional information about the resource and the data being captured.
    • Added "Exact Search" for journal title searches
    • Added support for multi-part abstracts.
    • Improvements have been made to connections generated from MeSH terms.
  • Community types - These have been simplified for better clarity.
  • Navigation language - Improvements have been made to navigational semantics.
  • Image data curation - We have uploaded member photos where requested.
  • Resource previous versions - Users are now prompted regarding the completeness of historical data.
  • mESC resource type - Improvements have been made to the parental cell line field.
  • Other:
    • Various sections, such as "Publications" and "MeSH Terms" are only shown when data exists, as to de-clutter the resource/collection pages.
    • Synchronized semantics of "logged in" vs. "logout" state in navigational elements
    • Fixed video embedding within resource content
    • Merged the community types "Center" and "Institute".
    • Upgraded icon library
    • Improvements made to LDAP connectivity

 Other activities

  • DRTC Cores as sub-communities - We are in the process of adding communities for all of the Diabetes Research Training Center's supported cores to Labnodes.  These will be listed as sub-communities of the DRTC.
  • Member profile completeness - Be on the lookout for a customized email that will help you determine how to improve your Labnodes member profile.
  • Creative Data Solutions - Policies have been updated.