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Ray Blind

Featured Investigator :: Dr. Ray Blind

Ray Blind, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Research Specialty: 
Nuclear Lipid Signaling

Research Description:

The Blind Lab is interested in the molecular design principles of life.  To this end, we are focused
on exploring the structure, function and signaling properties of non-membrane nuclear lipids.
Our group uses discovery biochemistry, enzymology and structural biology to determine what role these small signaling molecules play in many cellular phenomena.  

Ray Blind Lab »

Dr. Blind is currently looking for curious and ambitious students and postdocs
who want to explore how information is stored and retrieved in biological systems.


Diabetes Emphasis:

Certain dietary phospholipids can bind and activate a nuclear protein in the liver called NR5A2.  This action causes dramatic anti-diabetic effects in mice, such as a decrease in fatty liver and improved glucose homeostasis. However, the mechanism these phospholipids use to activate NR5A2 remains controversial. Our work sheds light on that mechanism, thus making it more likely that we can produce a drug for people, that works the same as the dietary phospholipid in mice.