The Energy Balance Core Laboratory offers various analytical techniques to evaluate energy expenditure, energy intake, physical activity, and body composition to investigators researching relations between nutrition, physical activity, and health and nutrition-related conditions and diseases in humans. The Core focuses on high quality services while providing consultation and state-of-the-science tools and resources to investigators involved in clinical and translational research. In addition, the Core provides research training and education and encourages collaborative research and resource sharing.

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The Core is dedicated to measure energy expenditure and energy intake as the key determinants of energy balance. Body composition and function are in turn impacted by energy balance, with ultimate health and disease outcomes. This fundamental approach to energy balance is critical to a better understanding of chronic nutrition- and sedentary behavior-related disorders like obesity and diabetes type 2 so that appropriate prevention and intervention strategies can be developed and tested.

Specific Objectives:

  • Provide services to investigators conducting research in the area of energy balance in healthy and diseased humans.
  • Promote service capabilities to provide needed consultative expertise and tools/resources.
  • Provide quality control standards for all investigations using Core services.
  • Foster interaction among investigators to encourage collaborative research and the sharing of resources.
  • Provide research training and education.

The Energy Balance Sub-Core is supported by NIH grant DK020593.  Please acknowledge this in your publications.


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