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Members serving on the executive committee, receiving direct material support, or P&F awardees
are designated as Core Members.

Members whose work intersects with diabetes translation research & who may utilize the services provided by the Center
are designated as Affiliate Members.



Areas of Interest

 Core Members



 Shari Barkin, M.D. »


Community Centered Interventions; Parent-Child Dyads; Primary Prevention; Social Networks; Obesity;
 BMI Trajectories

Gurjeet Birdee, M.D. »

Medicine & 

Pediatrics; Integrative Medical Therapies; Metabolic Syndrome

Rosette Chakkalakal, M.D. »

Internal Medicine & Public Health

Disparities; Diabetes Prevention; Data Collection; 
Information Technology; Communication

Tom Elasy, M.D. »  (PI)

Internal Medicine & Public Health

Type 2 Diabetes; Glycemic Relapse; Self-Management
of Type 2 Diabetes; Risk Factor Modification

Robert Greevy, Ph.D. »


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data; Anti-Diabetic Pharmacology Agents in Relation to Cardiovascular
and Renal Endpoints; Statistical Methods 

Amber Hackstadt, Ph.D. »


Public Health Research; Environmental Biostatistics; Bayesian Inference; Regression Splines; Semi-parametric Estimation

William Heerman, M.D. »

Pediatrics &

Obesity in Early Childhood; Maternal Influences on Growth, Gestational Weight Trajectories; Health Literacy

Sarah Jaser, Ph.D. »


Youth with Diabetes: Communication; Coping; Stress; Depressive Symptoms

William Martinez, M.D. »

Internal Medicine & Public Health

Leveraging Health Information Technology
to Increase Patient Activation of Diabetes Self-Care Behaviors

Lindsey Mayberry, Ph.D. »

Internal Medicine & Public Health

Family Support; Health Information Technology;
Health Literacy

Laurie Novak, Ph.D. »

Biomedical Informatics

Health Information; Quality Improvement; Technology

Russell Rothman, M.D. »

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Numeracy; Literacy; Health Disparities; Obesity:
Public-Private Partnerships; Native American Health

David Schlundt, Ph.D. »


Community Engagement; Native American Health; Obesity; Food Deserts



Affiliate Members



William Blot, Ph.D. »

Institute for Obesity & Metabolism

Health Disparities; Obesity

Kerri Cavanaugh, M.D. »

Division of Nephrology; Department of Medicine

Health Literacy/Numeracy; Communication; Kidney Disease; Hypertension

Katherine Donato, Ph.D. »

Sociology, Center for Medicine Health & Society

Health Disparities; Literacy; Numeracy;
Community Engagement

Jay Fowke, Ph.D. »

Institute for Obesity & Metabolism

Obesity; Health Disparities; Sedentary Behaviors

Marie Griffin, M.D. »

Preventative Medicine

Quality Improvement; Obesity; Disparities; Diabetes Complications; Quantitative/Qualitative Methods

Derek Griffith, Ph.D. »

Center for Medicine, Health, & Society; Vanderbilt University

Community Engagement; Health Disparities; Obesity

Katherine Hartman,
M.D., Ph.D. »

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Maternal Health; Quantitative/Qualitative Methods:
Quality Improvement

Kevin Johnson, M.D. »

Biomedical Informatics

Children’s Health; Health Information Technology;
Quality Improvement

Sharon Karp, Ph.D. »


Childhood Obesity Prevention; Parental Feeding Patterns; Disparities; Prenatal Care; Breastfeeding

Shelagh Mulvaney, Ph.D. »

Nursing, Biomedical Informatics, & Pediatrics

Health Information; Technology; Children’s Health; Measurement; Quantitative/Qualitative Methods;
Quality Improvement; Literacy; Health Disparities

Velma Murry, Ph.D. »

Education & Human Development

Community Engagement Research; Children’s Health;
Health Disparities

Josh Peterson, M.D. »

Internal Medicine, Biomedical Informatics

Health Information; Diabetes Complications; Technology; Measurement; Quality Improvement

Trent Rosenbloom, M.D. »

Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Health Information Technology; Children’s Health; Literacy

Christianne Roumie, M.D. »

Internal Medicine & Public Health

Literacy; Quality Improvement; Diabetes Complications; Literacy; Numeracy

Heidi Silver, Ph.D. »

Vanderbilt Center for Human Nutrition, VUMC

Pre-gestational Diabetes; Obesity; Nutrient Intake:
Nutritional Status; Body Composition

Sandra Simmons, Ph.D. »

Internal Medicine & Public Health

Nutrition; Geriatrics

Alan Storrow, M.D. »

Emergency Medicine

Literacy; Quality Improvement

Kenneth Wallston, Ph.D. »


Numeracy; Literacy; Technology; Health Disparities;
Children’s Health

Consuelo Wilkins, M.D. »

Vanderbilt -Meharry Alliance

Community Engagement;


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