These mice, which contain a targeted deletion of Area II of Pdx1, provide a model for the central role of AreaII in the Pdx1 transcription in pancreatic organogenesis and beta cell differentiation.


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Mouse Information

Common Name Pdx1deltaII
Date Cryopreserved 2018-02-06
Method of Cryopreservation Sperm
Trial IVF % Fertilization 98.39%

Genetic Alteration

Mutation #1: RMCE Targeted Mutagenesis
Allele Name: pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1; targeted mutation 1.1, Christopher VE Wright
Symbol: Pdx1tm1.1Cvw
MGI: MGI:5823773
Zygosity at cryopreservation Heterozygote
PCR Genotyping Protocol Pdx1tm1.1Cvw_PCR_Genotyping_Protocol_020818.docx
The mammal-specific Pdx1 Area II enhancer has multiple essential functions in early endocrine cell specification and postnatal β-cell maturation. (2017) Development 144: 248-257 (Added 12/29/2016)
PMID: 27993987
Pancreatic beta cell-specific transcription of the pdx-1 gene. The role of conserved upstream control regions and their hepatic nuclear factor 3beta sites. (2000) J Biol Chem 275: 3485-92 (Added 1/6/2014)
PMID: 10652343

Background Strain Information

Strain Type Mixed
Chimera/Founder Genetic Background 129S6/SvEvTac
Cryopreservation Strain Background (VCMR) C57BL/6J
Viability and Fertility Data

Normal litters (8-9 pups per litter).

This line is viable other than the mice become diabetic when they are approximately 6-8 months old.


Additional Information

An 8.62 kb region of this gene has been replaced by tandemly oriented Lox66 and Lox2272 sites flanking positive (puromycin) and negative (HSV-TK) selectable markers.


Document Pdx1AIId.png - Added on July 7, 2015 at 10:27 AM by Mark Magnuson

The pdx1 Area II enhancer region was deleted from the pPdx1.Ex1 basal exchange vector (255 bp from -2168/-1913 relative to the primary transcription start site reported by Gerrish,, JBC 2000, PMID:10652343). This will replace endogenous pdx1 sequences, and allow for assessment of the role of this enhancer region in pdx1 expression in vivo.  Sequences flanking Area II deletion: ctcatcctgt/gaaggaaggt