Communicate with small and large groups via industry-standard services and approaches, including metrics tracking.

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The Email Marketing and Analytics service provides attractive, professional communications in a variety of modern templates that may include images, links, contact information and actionable items. The emails are mobile device friendly and interactive. We provide assistance with writing, editing and proofing your communications. Below are some of the available email features:

  1. Choose from a variety of design templates, e.g. 1 column, 1:2 columns, right or left sidebars, etc.
  2. Personalize the email by including each recipient's name in the salutation
  3. Add images
  4. Insert links
  5. Include your contact information and an email link
  6. Insert a "click here" button to create an actionable item

Metrics for each email campaign are calculated and provide information regarding:

  1. 24-hour performance
  2. Number of opens
  3. Number of clicks
  4. Identification of who opened
  5. Identification of who clicked
  6. Number of bounces
  7. Identification of bounced email addresses
  8. Number of unsubscribers
  9. Identification of who unsubscribes

A list of email subscribers is maintained and can be segmented into various groups, thus allowing the email to be sent to the entire list or a segment(s) of the list. Individuals may be added or removed as required.

Individuals wishing to utilize this service are expected to provide a CSV file that contains the following data:

  1. Recipient's first name
  2. Recipient's last name
  3. Recipient's valid email address
  4. Recipient's VUNetID


Office of Research
Use Case OOR Survey Reminder
Data After sending an initial email requesting that recipients complete the OOR publication survey, we generated a list segment of individuals who had not completed the survey and sent a personalized email reminder to 356 subscribers.
Description Result
Data reporting period 2009-01-01 to 2015-02-20
Total citations that involved S10 instruments 2230
Total citations that involved S10 instruments, but without redundant entry (by different co-authors) 2087
Number of users who assigned publications to at least one instrument 220
Number of users who completed the survey 252
Number of users who started the survey, but did not complete the survey 19
Number of users who did not start the survey 229
Users emailed 500
Technology used  Mailchimp, Labnodes, Excel
Media Type  Website, Application
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Labnodes Release Announcement
Use Case Labnodes version 2.5 release announcement
Data We generated a list of all current Labnodes users and sent the email campaign to 1456 subscribers.
Technology used Mailchimp, Labnodes
Media Type Website, application
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Efforts and Pricing

Hourly rates apply.

Estimates to be provided following consultation.