Release notes for Version 2.7 of Labnodes

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We have resolved 140 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.


Publication Search


The first of its kind at Vanderbilt! A searchable publication database for Vanderbilt researchers to use and connect to others with! By integrating data from multiple sources (provided by investigators) and coupling it to easy-to-use tools, we were able to assemble a valuable asset for the community.

Connect with MeSH


MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) Terms are associated with most PubMed records and are a means of connecting otherwise unconnected entities. Now fully integrated into Labnodes, new connections are revealed regarding the connectivity network at Vanderbilt. See Mark de Caestecker's profile as an example.

Improved Profiles


All member profiles have been freshened up! Now you may create you own personalized links to frequently visited favorite websites. The publications timeline is renewed alongside everything. Set preferences of how you want keywords and MeSH Terms displayed. Keep yours updated by starting here.


New Features


  • Publications browse and search – A new section has been added to Labnodes, which allows you to search investigator-vetted publications by free text, keyword, date range, journal or by community. The inclusion of JCR impact factors, frequency analysis and export functions provide utility for all types of users, from bench scientists to administrators who need to prepare reports.
  • Export your publications search - Publication searches can be exported to a Word document (requires user to be logged in).
  • Add publication action - When browsing individual publications, users can add the currently viewed publication to their member profile with just one click (requires user to be logged in).
  • PubMed updates – An automated and weekly PubMed data update takes place to fill-in any new information, as it is released by NCBI.
  • Individual publication view – It is no longer necessary to link out to PubMed in order to view publications.  Simply click on the article and view it in the context of the member and/or community profile.
  • MeSH terms - are automatically imported from your publications and displayed on your member and/or community profile page.
  • MeSH terms and journal frequency page - For those interested in MeSH Terms and Journal frequency, there are specialized search tools available to explore these concepts.
  • Journal Citation Report (JCR) - Journal impact factors, along with the journal unique identifier, title and PMID are now being stored in Labnodes.
  • Community publications - A publication timeline was added to the community profiles of those communities with publications.


  • Links - Add and customize links on your member and community profiles.
  • Mouse ES cell line resource type – This new resource type is specific for data related to the generation of genetically modified mESCs.
  • Landing page preferences - Communities that have landing pages may now replace the community profile display with their landing page, or opt to add a navigation tab allowing to have both a profile link as well as a landing page link.
  • Member profile completeness - is now measured and displayed as a graph. 


  • Homepage - Organization and feeds have been improved.
  • Pagination user interface – The existing pagination controls in high-level areas was replaced with a more flexible user interface.
  • Filter people by all groups - In addition to filtering members by faculty/non-faculty, you may now also filter by staff, graduate student, undergraduate student and postdoctoral fellow.
  • Mouse resource allele type – Once you select Recombinase Mediated Cassette Exchange (RMCE) as the type of gene targeting, the allele type will automatically default to cassette acceptor.
  • Standardization of text – We have standardized the "not available" text across all views.
  • Save all/remove all publications – A check box that allows the user to save/remove all publications has been added to each publications page.
  • PubMed character limit increased – The character limit for PubMed input in the "manage-member-publications" and other related forms has been increased.
  • Customize the People label - In addition to being able to customize the side menu labels for Publications/Citations, Resource Collections and Subcommunities, you may now change the People label as well.
  • View collection resources prior to approval - When a collection is offered to you or your community, you may now view the collection resources prior to accepting the offer.
  • Keyword connections - are now full page where applicable.
  • Keywords graph - We have limited the number of "nodes" displayed for easier viewing.
  • Publication lists - The display of all publications lists has been improved.
  • Performance - Performance has been improved when searching for latest resources.
  • Antibody resource - The antibody display was improved to ensure all information is being used properly.
  • User interface - Various improvements to the look and feel of Labnodes have been implemented.
  • Member's search - has been expanded to include all member groups.
  • Member dashboard - The dashboard was re-organized to provide the most important information towards the top of the page.

Other activities

  • Creative Data Solutions - Vanderbilt has a new shared resource at
  • CDTR joins Labnodes - Welcome to our newest community, the Center for Diabetes Translation Research.
  • Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology - Contacts, community profiles, community publications member profiles, member contact information and publications data has been curated.