Policies that govern the operation of the Vanderbilt Creative Data Solutions Shared Resource.

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Priority is given to Vanderbilt Investigators who are members of one or more of the Research Centers or other entities that provide financial or other tangible support for this facility. This includes the Center for Stem Cell Biology, the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center, and the Office of Research. Use by investigators who are not a member of one or more of these centers will be accommodated to the extent possible. In the event that demand for services exceeds the capacity to deliver them, the Director will determine a schedule that is maximally efficient. Projects will not be scheduled prior to receiving the appropriate completed service forms, and review and approval by the oversight committee.


The Shared Resource will maintain all project data and communications in a confidential manner, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The general nature of the project may be described in grant applications and other reports that describe the overall progress of this resource.


The PI is responsible for the accurate and complete documentation of all information provided to this Shared Resource.


Use of this Shared Resource should be acknowledged in all publications. The Center for Stem Cell Biology and the Office of Research should be cited unless prohibited by the editorial policy of the journal.

Technology Transfer

The VCSCB, through its oversight and management of this Shared Resource, has invested intellectual effort into many if not all of the services offered. Thus, the VCSCB shall seek to receive an appropriate share of the funds arising from the licensing of technology developed through the use of this resource.


Each project will be managed via a common Shared Resource workflow:

  1. A meeting will occur to discuss the overall goals and expectations of the PI.
  2. The Share Resource will prepare drafts of the project plans, which will include:
    1. Project requirements
    2. Budget estimate
    3. Milestones and timeline
    4. Deliverables
  3. A meeting will occur to review the project plans.
  4. Once any necessary changes are made the project plans, the PI and the Shared Resource will finalize the document with a signature.
  5. Only after receiving a signed project plan will the project actually begin.

Please note that should the Shared Resource need to spend an above-average amount of effort for planning purposes, that the project planning process may itself be billed regardless of whether the project moves forward in time. It is common for our group to need to spend significant effort simply to determine what we will be working with and what will be required for successful project completion. Should this be required, the Shared Resource will inform the customer of it as early as possible.


The Shared Resource cannot guarantee the utility, value-added or other non-material outcomes of any project. While we stand behind our ability to deliver in a timely manner, various events or scenarios may prevent us from finishing the project in a manner that meets the expectation of all parties. Just like scientific experiments, the results may not be what you expect (or hope) them to be. In cases where the project reaches an impass, the Shared Resource will work closely with the PI to determine the best steps to take, which may include terminating the project.