Our training services can help you better understand and use Labnodes to manage and share information about your research activities and interests.

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While we regularly offer free workshops to train users on what they can do with the Labnodes platform, we also offer group-based or individual training.


  • In person
  • Introduction or request a specific topic/feature
  • PowerPoint presentation and/or hands on learning (attendees bring their laptops)


  • By phone and desktop-sharing (Lync preferred)
  • In person



Learn how to migrate data from an existing website and organize it in Labnodes (individual training)
Use Case The program coordinator in the Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC) needed to learn how to replace the existing website with a Labnodes community and subsequent landing page.
Results This individual learned how to migrate data from the MMPC webpage to Labnodes.  She was taught how to organize the content in a user friendly manner, share the data, design a landing page and perform edits.  She successfully paved the way for the new MMPC landing page.
URL https://labnodes.vanderbilt.edu/mmpc


Learn how to manage meetings and communications via Labnodes (group training)
Use Case The members of the Beauchamp lab wanted to learn how to replace their dependency on SharePoint and use Labnodes as a lab management tool; in particular schedule/manage lab meetings/journal club and send group communications.
Results The lab members were taught how to create and share meetings, create private workgroups and they learned how to use the  Labnodes message feature in order to communicate with each other, workgroups and the lab. They no longer use SharePoint.
URL https://labnodes.vanderbilt.edu/community/profile/id/428


Service Fees

Hourly rates apply.

Estimates to be provided following consultation.