Create intelligent reports on publications or citations associated with members of your organization. Use a robust and systematic workflow and poll a large group of users for a complete listing of their publications in the context of citations against core facilities or other entities, such as shared instrumentation.

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We have developed a simple and effective service-driven workflow for capturing and re-using life sciences citation and publication data for core facilities and other organizational units. Our Publication and Citation Survey addresses the following challenges:

  • Articles are often published long after a service or product has been provided.
  • Articles do not always cite core facilities used.
  • There is no ideal way of querying PubMed for citations.
  • One-offs with investigators are time-consuming and can be inconsistent.

Our workflow is summarized:

  1. We develop an email campaign with you to determine:
    • Survey goals
    • Who to include in survey
    • Timeline and key events
    • Standard reporting
    • Data analysis & visualization (optional)
  2. We communicate with your audience via an email campaign, which includes modern templates that are mobile-friendly.
  3. Your audience interacts with a step-by-step survey, which engages them in a manner that minimizes their data input (mainly by leveraging off of already existing data from PubMed, data you have provided, or data from other surveys).
  4. Upon completion, we provide you with a standard report.
  5. If necessary, we can perform additional analysis and visualization of the data, to best communicate the results.

User requesting service must provides 1) a list of users to be surveyed and 2) a list of cores or activities the publications are citations for, and 3) a list of seed publications (optional).



Vanderbilt Cancer Center Support Grant Renewal
Use Case Obtain all faculty publications for 5-year grant period, identify articles that are cancer-related, tie articles to core facility usage, identify all external investigators per article.
Data 12 core facilities, 283 faculty, historical faculty publication data, PubMed
Faculty interactions 223 (79%)
Articles collected 3,844
Core-faculty relationships 619
External collaborators 4,017
Core citations 2,376
Technology used Labnodes, email marketing


Institution-wide S10 shared instrumentation Survey
Use Case Obtain a list of all citations per shared instrument over a time range.
Data 24 shared instruments, lists of users for each core facility
Faculty interactions 293 (61%)
Articles collected 1,299
Core-faculty relationships 797
Core citations 1,244
Technology used Labnodes, email marketing


Service Fees

Hourly rates apply.

Estimates to be provided following consultation.



  1. VICC/CCSG - Jennifer Pietenpol,
  2. Vanderbilt OOR - Susan Meyn, Larry Marnett, Janey Wang