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Establish a user-friendly and powerful one-page website for your Labnodes community.

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A landing page is a content-rich user-friendly single page that provides as much information as is needed to describe a shared resource (core facility), center, department, institute or other large program. All, or most, information can be drawn from a Labnodes community, where the customer has the ability to manage content via easy-to-use content management tools.

Standard features of a landing page include:

  • Logo
  • Navigation bar - navigation will target specific Labnodes pages that you want visitors to easily find
  • Search tool - provide a resource search tool to allow your visitors to quickly find information
  • Media scrolling banner - to include 5 or less images or embedded videos
  • Content widgets, which update automatically based on Labnodes community updates. Pick from:
    • About the community
    • Calendar/meeting
    • Publication/citation listing
    • Faculty/member listing
    • News & events
    • Contact
    • Generic and custom text
  • URL - the URL for the landing page will be in one of the following formats, where "landing_page_name" is replaced by your chosen entity name:
    • http://labnodes.vanderbilt.edu/landing_page_name
    • http://www.langing_page_name.org
  • Search engine visibility - the landing page is highly search engine optimized (SEO) and will be actively submitted to major search engines

A landing page can also incorporate information or data from other sources outside of Labnodes. Please inquire to discuss your exact needs.

Notes: Logo design, media preparation and domain name registration will incur additional costs.


Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology (VCSCB)
Visit https://www.vcscb.org
Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC)
Visit https://labnodes.vanderbilt.edu/drtc
Vanderbilt Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center
Visit https://labnodes.vanderbilt.edu/mmpc
Vanderbilt Transgenic Mouse/Embryonic Stem Cell Shared Resource (TMESCSR)
Visit https://labnodes.vanderbilt.edu/tmescsr


Service Fees

Hourly rates apply.

Estimates to be provided following consultation.