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Resource  Type Keywords ID
Data Annotation and CurationServiceannotation, curation, data, standards, minimal standards, ontology12201
Data Integration, Interoperability and HarmonizationServicedata, integration, interoperability, harmonization, warehouse, schema12480
Data Processing and AnalysisServicedata, analysis, processing, engineering12202
Data VisualizationServicevisualization, data, infographics, graphics12203
Email Marketing and AnalyticsServiceemail, newsletter, mailing list, communication, marketing12494
Graphic Design, Illustration and Media ProductionServiceinfographics, graphics, media, illustration, design, animation, figure12487
Landing PageServicelanding page, website, Labnodes12204
Publication and Citation SurveyServicecitation, publication, Labnodes, PubMed, survey, workflow, reports12205
Software and Database Management and DevelopmentServicedatabase, website, development, engineering, installation, maintenance, software, application, app, tool12206
Training and EducationServicetraining, education, learning, teaching12207
Website MigrationServicewebsite, migration, content, documents, information, organization, process12208
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