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2014 Robert Hall Award Service to the Diabetes Center

This award is awarded in memory of Robert K. Hall, Ph.D., a long-time member of the Diabetes Center and the Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics. Rob was a talented scientist, who enabled and enhanced the research of many students, fellows, and research assistants and made the research of many laboratories more productive and effective. Research requires a team working collaboratively or great ideas would never get tested or research experiments would never get conducted. Laboratories affiliated with the Diabetes Center are fortunate to have many dedicated research personnel - especially our research assistants and administrative assistants. The Robert Hall Award for Service to the Diabetes Center recognizes an individual whose dedication and efforts make possible the activities and research of the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center.


Scott Wright has been Lab Manager of the Cell Culture Core since July of 1989.

Scott is responsible for providing tissue culture media and other custom made supplies for researchers.

He is always willing to provide these products with support services for those in the research community.

Meeting his customers' needs are his highest priority.

Scott has valued his time at Vanderbilt and looks forward to further opportunities.