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MMPC: Metabolic Regulation Core List of Services Master

Mice submitted to the MMPC are transferred to the Vanderbilt-DRTC Islet Analysis and Procurement Core to do the islet isolation and characterization. Pancreatic islets can be isolated from mice. This occurs by dissection of pancreas (pancreas inflated by ductal injection) followed by digestion with collagenase P (islets purified by hand-picking or by density centrifugation). Variables influencing islet yield include age of mice, mouse strain, and the effect of changes in pancreatic structure as a result of the genetic manipulation (islet yield = 50-200 islets/mouse pancreas). Based on these variables, isolation procedures can be optimized for maximum islet yield. Isolated islets can be delivered to the MMPC-affiliated investigator by overnight courier (viable) processed per instructions of the investigator, or transferred to other MMPC cores.