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Exercise is an integrated measure of fitness. Abnormal exercise capacity and decreased activity are a hallmark of most severe cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and changes in exercise capacity are sensitive and early markers of cardiac and metabolic dysfunction. Thus abnormalities can be revealed with exercise that may not otherwise be manifested. Gas exchange techniques can be used during treadmill exercise in the mouse to describe the metabolic cost of exercise. Substrate fluxes and metabolism can be assessed isotopically during exercise in chronically catheterized mice (Halseth et al. Am. J. Physiol. 1999).

Treadmill exercise can be used to quantify the capacity of a mouse for either endurance or high intensity exercise. Peak exercise capacity and VO2 max will be measured using a closed gas exchange treadmill. Acclimated mice will exercise will at 3.5 m/min, 0° grade, increased to 5 m/min, 2° grade 3 minutes later and then increased by 2.5 m/min and 2° grade every 3 min thereafter up to 20 m/min and 14° grade.