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Tissue Specific Glucose UptakePage11136
Tissue Specific Fatty Acid UptakePage11137
Spontaneous Exercise ActivityPage11140
Metabolic Response to ExercisePage11139
Measurement of Insulin Secretion by Pancreatic IsletsPage11147
Isolation of Murine Pancreatic Islets From Normal and Genetically Modified MicePage11146
In vivo Optical Imaging of Gene ExpressionPage11145
Indirect Calorimetry/Energy ExpenditurePage11138
Hyperinsulinemic ClampPage11130
Hyperglycemic ClampPage11131
Hepatic Gluconeogenesis/GlycogenolysisPage11133
Glycogen SynthesisPage11134
Glucose TurnoverPage11132
Glucose Tolerance TestPage11129
Food ConsumptionPage11141
Exploratory Locomotor ActivityPage11143
Catheterization of Jugular Vein and Carotid ArteryPage11127
Cannulation of the Cerebral VentriclePage11128
Body CompositionPage11142
Bariatric SurgeryPage11148
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