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To stain mouse tissues with mouse monoclonal antisera we utilize Mouse-on-Mouse (MOM) kits (Vector Labs), Ark kits (DAKO Corp) or HistoMouse Kits. Although peroxidase-based protocols will be the mainstay of the Subcore with visualization by brown DAB or red AEC chromagens, staff is familiar with the alkaline phosphatase-based kit and its detection with the fuschin chromagen. Fluorescently-tagged primary, secondary, or tertiary antibodies in frozen sections, cultured cells, or for co-localization studies will be used as required to tailor protocols to address investigator needs. Non-fluorescent double immunostaining will also be performed in the Pathology Subcore using the Double Label Kit provided by DAKO. When prospective antisera fail to recognize antigenic sites in paraffin embedded sections or produce non-specific staining patterns, we advise investigators to proceed with frozen sectioning.