Release notes for Version 2.5 of Labnodes

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We have resolved 79 ticketed new features, tasks, bugs, or improvements. Significant improvements are listed below.


Welcome MMPC!


We welcome the MMPC to Labnodes. The MMPC has successfully migrated its previous web presence to Labnodes, where it expects to better interface with Vanderbilt and external collaborators. Explore the MMPC today.


Discover connections

Keywords have long been associated with members, communities and resources. Supplementing our existing list of connected nodes, we have introduced an interactive touch-graph that allows you to interactively browse through keyword relationships and discover new connections!  Try it out today.


Performance improvements

Labnodes is significantly faster than ever! Alongside of server-side improvements at the code and database level, we have also successfully migrated to the VUIT-manager Application Infrastructure servers, which provide us with increased security and performance.

New Features

  • Network graphs as discovery tool – A new interactive graph, which automatically associates nodes with matching keywords, makes it easy to view relationships between people, communities and resources.
  • Source data look ahead – Labnodes remembers and displays previous source data in a drop down menu, providing a more consistent list of sources and less typing.
  • Upload your CV – Just like biosketches, you may now upload a PDF of your current CV within your member profile.
  • Conjugates added to antibody resource – We have added a list of 94 antibody conjugates as a controlled vocabulary to Labnodes.  If selected, the conjugate name is displayed as part of the antibody name.
  • Resource sorting – Now you may sort a list of resources by the date created or last modified.
  • Order community leaders – Leaders may now be re-ordered on the community profile page.
  • Policies – New Labnodes policies have been added to the Policies & Terms of Usage page.
  • Text patterns added to rich text editor - Format content using text pattern markdown instead of menu elements.


  • Performance – Labnodes is faster due to numerous server-side improvements as well as a successful migration to VUIT servers.
  • Antibody characterization – We have added new types of antibody characterization and a notes section.
  • Warning when deleting an address – Before you delete your contact address, Labnodes will provide an “Are you sure?” warning.
  • Removed “none added” – We have removed this heading when a collection contains no resources.
  • Homepage –Improvements were made to streamline and focus the user on immediate actions.
  • Antibody species cross reactivity list – We have added several new species to the cross reactivity list.
  • Manage meetings – You may now manage meetings from the manage community menu.
  • Permissions - Numerous improvements were made to improve and harden our permission structures.