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Shipment policies

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Shipping Address:

Ginger L. Milne, Ph.D.
Eicosanoid Core Laboratory
Vanderbilt University
561 Preston Research Building
23rd Avenue South at Pierce Avenue
Nashville, TN 37232-6602 USA
Phone: (615) 936-2050

(1). All shipments should be placed early in the week (Monday - Wednesday only).

(2). Shipments should be placed with Federal Express or similar service using the Priority Overnight delivery service.

(3). Samples should be maintained at -80C until shipment and should be packed with 5-10 lbs of dry ice.

(4). A packing list, preferentially as an Excel spreadsheet, along with the tracking number of the package should be sent to ginger.milne@vanderbilt.edu and stephanie.sanchez@vanderbilt.edu on the day of shipment.

Please contact the Eicosanoid Core Director with any questions.

Example FedEx Shipping Label

Example Dry Ice Shipping Label