This document describes how to set up a core facility/shared resource community in Labnodes.

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Core Facilities and Shared Resources – Getting Started at Labnodes

Key Concepts

  1. Create a core facility/shared resource community
  2. Share information with the public
  3. Request/create a landing page
  4. Training available

Additional help is available at and at

Request a core facility/shared resources community

  1. Labnodes communities are created, upon request, by a Labnodes administrator. To request a core facility community, send an email to and include the following information:

a.  Core facility name, e.g. Transgenic Mouse and ES Cell Shared Resource (TMESCSR)

b.  Director's name

c.  Core facility contact information: street address, room number, building name, zip code and phone/fax number(s).

d.  Core facility contact person name, phone number and email address

e.  Core facility community description (for public display)

f.  Photo or image for the core facility (JPG or PNG format, 125 X 155 pixels, or larger)

h.  What (if any) collections would you like us to create for your core facility?  Here are some suggestions:

i.  Service description collection - Include resources (documents) that describe all of the services provided by your core facility.  You may also attach your submission forms to each service document.

ii.  Service pricing collection - This collection will contain pricing for the services provided by your core facility..

iii.  Guidelines collection -  This collection will include guidelines for your users, such as how to prepare samples, choice of reagents and other information specific to your core facility services.

iv.  Policies collection - Here you can outline your core facility policies such as billing policies, operational policies, guarantees, disclaimers, etc.

  1. A Labnodes administrator will create the community, assign it an acronym and notify the director when the community has been established.

What to include?

  1. Labnodes provides an excellent platform for organizing your core facility and advertising its resources. The Labnodes team is available to help you determine what content to include in your core facility community.
  2. You may organize your content into collections and resources. A Labnodes administrator can create collections for you when your community is created (see suggested collection types above in #1h). Alternatively, you (and/or a designated leader) may create the collections.

Sharing to the public

The collections and resources you create at Labnodes are private by default. You may share this content with other individuals, communities, collections, the VUMC and/or the public. Most core facilities choose to share information about their services to the public. Sharing is easy to do and can be accomplished with a few simple clicks. A video tutorial is available for your convenience.

If you wish to share a collection/resource to the public, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Labnodes and click on the core facility in the side menu of your dashboard page.
  2. Click on the collection (under Resource Collections in the side menu) that contains the resource(s) you wish to share.
  3. If you wish to share an entire collection, click on the Actions button and select Share from the drop down menu. If you wish to share a resource in the collection, click on the resource and then click Actions/Share. A pop-up window will appear.
  4. Click on the green Share with public button.
  5. A permissions pop-up window will appear. Permissions default to View only. Do not change these permissions when sharing with the public.
  6. Click Share.
  7. Your collection/resource is now viewable to the public.

Request a customized Landing Page

  1. A landing page is a custom page that has content pulled directly from the core facility data in Labnodes. The Labnodes team can work with you to design and create a landing page for your core facility.
  2. A landing page can support a custom domain name. Please inquire for details.
  3. You may view some examples of existing landing pages at:, and
  4. View our training document to learn more about how to request a landing page.

Training is available

  1. You may request a training session for you group by sending an email to:
  2. Monthly training workshops occur on the last Thursday of each month. Consult our training schedule to find upcoming workshops.
  3. A library of video tutorials is available on the Labnodes home page.
  4. Training documents are also available.


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