The Community Engagement Core interacts with community organizations.

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CDTR: Our Five Cores Master
Core Director: David G. Schlundt, Ph.D.
(615) 322-7800
Translation research often involves interacting with community organizations and individual stakeholders. The Community Engagement Core is funded to help investigators identify, contact, and form working relationships with community members and organizations in order to conduct high quality diabetes translation research. We are also here to assist in finding and analyzing data that can be used to better understand specific communities and that can be used in grant applications and manuscripts. This core is closely affiliated with the Community Engaged Research Core (CERP) of the Vanderbilt CTSA.
The core offers the following services:
  1. Consultation on design of community-engaged research studies
  2. Consultation on development of IRB protocols for community-engaged research.
  3. Consultation on creating of advisory boards and other community structures.
  4. Consultation on using community resources for participant recruitment.
  5. Access to data to describe community characteristics including census data, American Community Survey data, economic census data, BRFSS data, mortality data.
  6. Geographic Information System – we will create maps and conduct geographic analysis for your target community. We have many data layers and will help you identify and locate additional data layers that may be useful for your project.

The Center for Diabetes Translation Research is supported by NIH grant DK092986. 
Please acknowledge this in your publications.