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The Vanderbilt Center for Diabetes Translation Research consists of Five Cores:

1) Translational Methods Core led by Russell Rothman, M.D. MPP & Shari Barkin, M.D. MSHS

2) Community Engagement Core led by David Schlundt, Ph.D.

3)  Behavioral Intervention Technologies and Services Core led by Sarah Jaser, Ph.D.

4) Community Outreach & Health Disparities (COHD) led by Margaret Hargreaves Ph.D.

5) Administrative Core

The CDTR and it Five Cores provide services to investigators with externally funded, diabetes-related translational research addressing the following areas: innovations in care, community engagement, culturally-sensitive/competent interventions, clinical trials, quality improvement, quality assurance, health services research, environmental studies, & community-based participatory research.


The Center for Diabetes Translation Research is supported by NIH grant DK092986. 
Please acknowledge this in your publications.


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