This page describes VGER billing policies.

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Fee-for-service disclaimer

This Resource operates on a fee-for-service basis to support various Principal Investigator (PI)-initiated projects.  The responsibility for the overall design of experiments that depend on this Resource rests with the PI.  In instances when a PI requires information, guidance, and advice that extends beyond the simple performance of these services, then this information must be obtained through scientific collaboration, either with a third party or from one of the Directors.

Billable Hours

VGER operates on a fee-for-service basis.  All reagents and time devoted to a project, including communications, are billed to the investigator.  To ensure the principal investigator is aware of all communications with the VGER, s/he will be copied on all correspondence with their laboratory personnel.  Investigators will be billed on a monthly basis for all reagents procured and service performed.

Billing of Vanderbilt Investigators

The iLab system will be used for all billing.  A valid billing center in the system must be provided with a service request.  Investigators will be billed on a monthly basis for all reagents procured and services performed. Cryopreservation storage fees are billed annually in April.  

Billing of External Investigators

External investigators should contact the Vanderbilt Genome Editing Resource before submitting a service request to obtain an estimate of services.  PIs from outside Vanderbilt will be billed in full during the month that the experiments are scheduled to begin. Payment must be received before animals will be shipped.  All external PIs will be subject to a 20% institutional surcharge.   The PI will also be billed all mouse cage per diem charges and any other costs related to the experiment being performed, such shipment of the mice.  Payment is expected for additional charges incurred but not quoted during the requested service.  Additional charges could include but are not limited to shipping charges, repeat injections, or repeat tail biopsy.  A check or purchase order is an acceptable form of payment.

Investigators will be billed on a monthly basis for all reagents procured and services performed.

The external investigator will be provided with a statement of work that will need approval by Vanderbilt and the external entity before services can begin.


Prepayments in advance of the actual use of this Shared Resource are not allowed.

CORES Scholarships/Vouchers

Scholarships/vouchers that have been assigned to Vanderbilt investigators within the iLab system will be accepted only at the time of billing.  A valid center number in the iLab system must be provided on work orders submitted with a Scholarship or VICTR Award number.  It is the responsibility of the PI to determine when a Scholarship or VICTR Award might be used on an order.  The VGER is not responsible for work that is not completed by the expiration date of a voucher.  In this situation, the center number provided by the investigator will be charged.  The VGER is not obligated to rearrange its schedule to accommodate voucher deadlines.  The VGER cannot guarantee work will be completed, and scholarship or VICTR funds billed before the expiration date of the voucher. 

Scholarships cannot be used to pay for pass-through expenses, such as custom reagents, mice or enzymes.

Retroactive billing

Retroactive changes in the iLab system related to billing will include a fee to cover the time involved.   

Non-standard experiments

Any deviations from the routine fee schedule must be reviewed and approved by the management committee.