Amino acid and nucleotide sequences of variable regions of mouse immunoglobulin light chains of the lambda 3-subtype.

Reilly EB, Reilly RM, Breyer RM, Sauer RT, Eisen HN
J Immunol. 1984 133 (1): 471-5

PMID: 6202790

To learn about the V lambda gene segments that are expressed in lambda 3 light chains, the most recently identified lambda-chain subtype in inbred mice, we determined partial amino acid sequences of the V regions of two of these chains, L5-8 and Lc49 . The partial sequences were extended by establishing the complete V region sequence of cDNA for the lambda-chain mRNA from the hybridoma (RZ 5-8) and the myeloma ( CBPC -49) that produce these chains. The primer extension method used to sequence the cDNA is described in detail, because the same primer (a synthetic heptadecadeoxynucleotide ) can be used for sequencing cDNA for lambda-chains of all three subtypes of inbred mice and probably for lambda-chains from some other vertebrate species as well. The results confirm earlier preliminary findings that for both chains the V region is encoded by the V lambda 1 and J lambda 3 gene segments. The unmutated germ-line sequences of these gene segments are present in both chains, but the two chains, nevertheless, differ at codon 97, the V lambda-J lambda boundary. A T/G difference in the third position of this codon resulted in a codon for histidine (CAT) in one chain (L5-8) and for glutamine (CAG) in the other chain ( Lc49 ). This difference can be accounted for by variation in the site of V lambda 1-J lambda 3 recombination. Though the V region amino acid sequences of L5-8 and Lc49 differ only by the His/Gln substitution at position 97, the two chains have been shown (manuscript in preparation) to differ in their ability to form an effective combining site for the 2,4-dinitrophenyl group.

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