Highly-efficient, fluorescent, locus directed cre and FlpO deleter mice on a pure C57BL/6N genetic background.

Birling MC, Dierich A, Jacquot S, Hérault Y, Pavlovic G
Genesis. 2012 50 (6): 482-9

PMID: 22121025 · DOI:10.1002/dvg.20826

To facilitate the use of the new mutant resource developed in the mouse, we have generated Cre and FlpO deleter mice on a pure inbred C57BL/6N background. The new transgenic constructs were designed to drive either the Cre or FlpO recombinase, fused to a specific fluorescent marker, respectively the eGFP or the eYFP, and were inserted by homologous recombination in the neutral Rosa26 locus. They allow a rapid, cost-effective, and efficient identification of the carrier individuals through the coexpression of the fluorescent marker. The recombination efficiency of the two deleter lines, Gt(ROSA)26S or < tm1(ACTB-cre,-EGFP)Ics> and Gt(ROSA) 26S or < tm2(CAG-flpo, EYFP)Ics>, was carefully evaluated using five loxP-flanked or four FRT-flanked alleles located at different positions in the mouse genome. For each tested locus, we observed a 100% excision rate. The transgenic mice are easily distinguishable from wild type animals by their bright fluorescence that remains easily detectable until 10 days after birth. In the adult, fluorescence can still be detected in the unpigmented paws. Furthermore, they both display accumulation of the specific recombinase during oogenesis. These fluorescent 'Cre- and Flp- deleter' transgenic lines are valuable tools for the scientific community by their high and stable recombination efficiency, the simplicity of genotype identification and the maintenance of a pure genetic background when used to remove specific selection cassette or to induce complete loss-of-function allele.

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