Notecarin D binds human factor V and factor Va with high affinity in the absence of membranes.

Newell-Caito JL, Laha M, Tharp AC, Creamer JI, Xu H, Maddur AA, Tans G, Bock PE
J Biol Chem. 2011 286 (44): 38286-97

PMID: 21911491 · PMCID: PMC3207456 · DOI:10.1074/jbc.M111.247122

Notecarin D (NotD) is a prothrombin (ProT) activator in the venom of the tiger snake, Notechis scutatus, and a factor Xa (FXa) homolog. NotD binds specifically to the FXa binding site expressed on factor V (FV) upon activation to factor Va (FVa) by thrombin. NotD active site-labeled with 5-fluorescein ([5F]FFR-NotD) binds FV and FVa with remarkably high affinity in the absence of phospholipids (K(D) 12 and ≤ 0.01 nm, respectively). In the presence of membranes, the affinity of [5F]FFR-NotD for FVa is similar, but increased ∼55-fold for FV. Binding of FXa active site-labeled with Oregon Green to FV and FVa in the presence of phospholipids is ∼5,000- and ∼80-fold weaker than [5F]FFR-NotD, respectively. NotD reports FVa and not FV binding by a 3-fold increase in tripeptide substrate hydrolysis, demonstrating allosteric regulation by FVa. The NotD·FVa·membrane complex activates ProT with K(m)((app)) similar to prothrombinase, and ∼85-fold weaker without membranes. Active site-blocked NotD exhibits potent anticoagulant activity in plasma thrombin generation assays, representing inhibition of productive prothrombinase assembly and possible disruption of FXa inhibition by the tissue factor pathway inhibitor. The results show that high affinity binding of NotD to FVa is membrane-independent, unlike the strict membrane dependence of FXa for high affinity FVa binding.

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