Interactions between areas I and II direct pdx-1 expression specifically to islet cell types of the mature and developing pancreas.

Van Velkinburgh JC, Samaras SE, Gerrish K, Artner I, Stein R
J Biol Chem. 2005 280 (46): 38438-44

PMID: 16147997 · DOI:10.1074/jbc.M508594200

PDX-1 regulates transcription of genes involved in islet beta cell function and pancreas development. Islet-specific expression is controlled by 5'-flanking sequences from base pair (bp) -2917 to -1918 in transgenic experiments, which encompasses both conserved (i.e. Area I (bp -2761/-2457), Area II (bp -2153/-1923)) and non-conserved pdx-1 sequences. However, only an Area II-driven transgene is independently active in vivo, albeit in only a fraction of islet PDX-1-producing cells. Our objective was to identify the sequences within the -2917/-1918-bp region that act in conjunction with Area II to allow comprehensive expression in islet PDX-1(+) cells. In cell line-based transfection assays, only Area I effectively potentiated Area II activity. Both Area I and Area II functioned in an orientation-independent manner, whereas synergistic, enhancer-like activation was uniquely found with duplicated Area II. Chimeras of Area II and the generally active SV40 enhancer or the beta cell-specific insulin enhancer suggested that islet cell-enriched activators were necessary for Area I activation, because Area II-mediated stimulation was reduced by the SV40 enhancer and activated by the insulin enhancer. Several conserved sites within Area I were important in Area I/Area II activation, with binding at bp -2614/-2609 specifically controlled by Nkx2.2, an insulin gene regulator that is required for terminal beta cell differentiation. The ability of Area I to modulate Area II activation was also observed in vivo, as an Area I/Area II-driven transgene recapitulated the endogenous pdx-1 expression pattern in developing and adult islet cells. These results suggest that Area II is a central pdx-1 control region, whose islet cell activity is uniquely modified by Area I regulatory factors.

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